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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:15
  2. 2Sibling Rivalry04:03
  3. 3I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You02:14
  4. 4Dizzy02:41
  5. 5Spice Girls06:25
Bentcousin Feb 22, 2013
Liner Notes

You've heard the stories of twins in the womb, the ones where it's believed that one was consciously hogging the majority of nutrients, growing bigger and fatter with its bullying techniques. Already, this one person, who couldn't be any closer physically or genetically, to this other person, is letting its survival instincts play out, caring little for the wellbeing of their sibling. There's an unmistakable testiness and an amazing desire to get the best of this all-elbow-and-knee hindrance. Bentcousin's Amelia and Pat Innit are twins and the brother-sister team writes songs that are loaded with dual natures. Their stories tell of the peskiness of closeness - the way that it makes your skin crawl. Their stories gravitate toward people who couldn't be any different from one another, but are nonetheless drawn toward one another, forced to deal with all of their issues head-on. They're going to bicker and they're going to blow their lids, but they'll cool down enough, at some point, and find that they're inseparable. It doesn't have to do with being twins. It has to do with love and all of the craziness that it involves - how people can't help but find themselves attracted to the strangest people, the people who are going to rattle their cages and trash their homes. They are going to find themselves mumbling to themselves, feeling that they've really fucked up this time and there's no way to retrace their steps and sneak out of this predicament. Some people were and weren't meant for each other, all at the same time, and there's really no arguing it. Bentcousin songs are ruminations of these kinds of people, in states where they're not fully formed yet, but they're working on it.