Be Bop Deluxe

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  1. 1New Precision06:49
  2. 2Dangerous Stranger03:10
  3. 3Superenigmatix (Lethal Appliances For The Home With Everything)02:26
  4. 4Lovers Are Mortal05:31
  5. 5New Mysteries04:25
  6. 6Panic In The World05:42
  7. 7Forbidden Lovers05:19
  8. 8Love In Flames06:20
Liner Notes

Simon Clark - keyboards; Simon David Fox - drums; Bill Nelson - vocals, guitar; Charles Tumahai - bass

Although they never saw the commercial success in the U.S. that they experienced in their native England, Be Bop Deluxe was one of the few bands that rose out of the mid-1970s to merge new wave tech-based glam rock (most listeners can note the distinct David Bowie influence) with the more intelligent progressive rock of bands like Wishbone Ash and Genesis. Spearheaded by guitarist/songwriter/vocalist Bill Nelson, the band would release a number of critically acclaimed albums via Capitol Records' imported Harvest label. None of these records would have any substantial commercial success, but songs like "Fair Exchange" did establish the band on FM playlists.

With albums like Sunburst Finish, Axe Victim and Drastic Plastic, Be Bop Deluxe built a loyal cult audience who embraced front man, Bill Nelson, and his distinct guitar work. Traces of pop, glam rock and progressive music are apparent through this recording, and the band's desire to try different styles of music was supposedly why they never attained platinum status. Nelson disbanded Be Bop Deluxe in 1979 to form a new group, Red Noise. That band lasted just one year, only to see Nelson depart and launch a solo career.

Highlights of this show include the opening track, "New Precision," and the following number "Dangerous Stranger." "Superenigmatix" is a complex but very listenable song and the remaining tracks also feature several strong songs taken from the four Be Bop albums: "Lovers Are Mortal," "Panic In The World," "Forbidden Lovers," and the always heartwarming, "Love In Flames."