Bark Bark Disco Mar 21, 2018

Bark Bark Disco

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:11
  2. 2Song For The Lovers02:01
  3. 3Never Let You Down02:32
  4. 4Honey I Love You Now02:56
  5. 5Big Love05:14
Bark Bark Disco Mar 21, 2018
Liner Notes

Bark Bark Disco is from Malta, a small island not too far from Italy. They make pop music, but not the pop most of us think of in America. Sometimes described as "bedroom new-wave" due to their lo-fi nature and minimalist arrangements, Bark Bark Disco is like a sillier Depeche Mode or an electric Joy Division. Mixing disco with pop and punk, this group knows what it means to be lo-fi while still sounding really good.The songs revolve around a keyboard and a vocoder, implying some Daft Punk influence, but sometimes the bassist takes the lead melodic position, a move that reminded me of a lot of the bass grooves on Tame Impala's latest record. It's a psychedelic coating with a firm rhythmic skeleton. The moments where the songs break away into vocals, bass, and drums alone are surprising as well because they highlight the flexibility of concentrated arrangements, or the magic of doing a lot with a little. A highlight of the session is "Big Love," a song that builds slower than any of the other songs around repeating lyrics until it reaches a satisfying apex.