Sample this concert
  1. 1Send Her To Me05:29
  2. 2Thrill Of Love04:16
  3. 3Cloud 1004:59
  4. 4Interlude00:48
  5. 5Friday05:00
  6. 6Deep End07:10
  7. 7My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me08:22
  8. 8Turn Up The Radio05:44
  9. 9Take No Prisoners08:59
  10. 10Crazy World06:39
Liner Notes

Steve Plunkett - vocals, guitar; Steve Lynch - guitar; Randy Rand - bass; Steve Isham - keyboards; Keni Richards - drums

In a spandex-tinged trip back in the rock 'n' roll time machine, this 1985 show from rockers Autograph was originally recorded as one of two shows captured for a single appearance on the King Biscuit Flower Hour in the spring of 1985. Opening with the obligatory war cry, "Are you ready to rock?????" singer /guitarist Steve Plunkett and Autograph were in their hair metal prime when they recorded this show in San Antonio; and rock they do, despite the fact the band was relatively one-dimensional back in the day.

Autograph was big briefly on the pop metal scene at a time when bands like Bon Jovi, LA Guns, Skid Row, Poison, and Motley Crue were all fighting for domination of the scene. Unfortunately, bands like Autograph had enough momentum, MTV-friendly looks, and a couple of decent songs, all of which could get them a major label deal, but was not enough to sustain them past the popularity of that musical genre.

This show was recorded when the band was still an opening act (oftentimes for the Scorpions) and most of the material here is from their early LPs, including "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend," "Take No Prisoners," "Send Her To Me" and the band's only real hit: "Turn Up The Radio." The show was recorded on a Friday night, so the band's ode to the joys of weekend partying, "Friday," obviously goes down well with the beer soaked San Antonio crowd. Plunkett, along with second guitarist Steve Lynch, bassist Randy Rand, keyboard player Steve Isham and drummer Keni Richards stayed together for a couple more years after recording this show, but disbanded when their music went out of fashion on radio and MTV.