Sample this concert
  1. 1Night Teen & Non-Stop06:21
  2. 2That's The Stuff05:17
  3. 3Cloud 1004:00
  4. 4Thrill Of Love04:01
  5. 5Bass / Drum Jam01:14
  6. 6My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me07:33
  7. 7Changing Hands05:25
  8. 8Blondes In Black Cars05:07
  9. 9Guitar Solo02:52
  10. 10We're An American Band05:38
  11. 11Key Solo01:11
  12. 12Deep End05:53
  13. 13Turn Up The Radio06:22
  14. 14Take No Prisoners05:41
Liner Notes

Steve Plunkett - vocals, guitar; Steve Lynch - guitar; Randy Rand - bass; Steve Isham - keyboards; Keni Richards - drums

Autograph is one of those faceless '80s metal hair bands that had a few MTV hits, helped themselves to their share of sex kitten groupies while on tour and vanished soon thereafter from the rock 'n' roll mainstream. The band came out of L.A. along with groups like Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue and Poison, but unfortunately for Autograph, never had a superstar guitarist or memorable bad boy lead vocalist. Despite their arguably mediocre material, they certainly embodied the look and spirit of the era.

This was another King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast featuring an upcoming MTV band. Opening with "Night Teen & Non-Stop," the band works their way through their better material from the two studio albums they had released up to this time. "That's The Stuff" and "Thrills Of Love" are somewhat memorable; but the band soon gets into more forgettable songs like "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me" and "Changing Hands." "Blondes In Black Cars," while it was a minor radio and MTV hit, was about everything that was wrong during this era, when fashion, image, partying and groupies were more important than the music itself. The band offers up some pretty unexciting bass, drum, guitar and keyboard solos before wrapping up the show with three more cliched rockers: "Deep End," "Turn Up The Radio," (the only real hit Autograph had) and the set-closing "Take No Prisoners."

Autograph carried on for three more years before collapsing under the weight of a music industry that was evolving beyond this type of music. But here they are, preserved for all who care to listen.