Asleep at the Wheel

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  1. 1Instrumental02:40
  2. 2Choo Choo Ch'Boogie04:25
  3. 3The Kind Of Love I Can't Forget03:47
  4. 4Oh What A Price03:37
  5. 5Pipe Dreams04:53
  6. 6Don't Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me05:17
  7. 7Nothing Takes The Place Of You03:32
  8. 8Ghost Dancer04:14
  9. 9Song Of The Wanderer (Where Shall I Go)04:37
  10. 10Sugar Bee04:01
  11. 11Pine Grove Blues04:02
  12. 12Cajun Stripper04:07
  13. 13Texas Me And You03:37
  14. 14One O'Clock Jump05:02
Liner Notes

Ray Benson - vocals, lead guitar; Chris O'Connell - rhythm guitar, vocals; Link Davis, Jr. - saxophone, accordian, vocals; Floyd Domino; - piano, organ; Danny Levin - fiddle, mandolin; Pat Ryan - saxophone, clarinet; Spencer Starnes - bass; Fran Christina - drums; Ruben "O-Lucky" Gosfield - pedal steel

Asleep at the Wheel, spearheaded by Texan legend Ray Benson, has found a solid home with a country music fan base. But during the 1970s, when they were still a new, novel act, the Wheel were anything but a pure country band. Benson loved all varieties of musical Americana, a fact that's wholly apparent on this 1977 New York City recording.

The group moves from a Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys-esque sound (by whom they were obviously influenced), to a more adventurous R&B/Boogie Woogie flavor (originally made famous by Louis Jordan), to zydeco/Cajun music and finally to big band jazz with their show stopping version of Count Basie's "One O'clock Jump." Back during the days of this performance, the band was genre-defying and impossible to categorize.

And in many ways, Asleep at the Wheel has remained that way ever since - though these days, the ensemble seem to have lodged themselves at the heart of the popular "Country Swing," movement. But there's something for everyone here on this classic recording - no matter what kind of music you enjoy.