Ashford and Simpson

Sample this concert
  1. 1Ain't No Mountain High Enough01:53
  2. 2Nobody Knows05:23
  3. 3Auld Lang Song01:57
  4. 4You're All I Need To Get By02:15
  5. 5Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing01:35
  6. 6Ain't No Mountain High Enough01:53
  7. 7Somebody Told A Lie05:56
  8. 8Love Don't Make It Right03:21
  9. 9Happy Endings05:08
  10. 10It Seems To Hang On07:22
  11. 11Get Out Your Handkerchief11:52
  12. 12Gimme Something Real08:55
  13. 13Don't Cost You Nothing08:56
  14. 14Landlord03:46
  15. 15Clouds01:25
  16. 16The Boss07:54
  17. 17Is It Still Good To You01:45
  18. 18Is It Still Good To You (continued)00:57
  19. 19Found A Cure04:39