Art in America

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  1. 1Introduction00:54
  2. 2Instrumental02:19
  3. 3The Line04:39
  4. 4If I Could Fly05:21
  5. 5Band Introduction01:13
  6. 6Too Shy To Say03:50
  7. 7Won't It Be Strange05:50
  8. 8Undercover Lover05:21
  9. 9Loot04:14
  10. 10Art In America05:14
Liner Notes

Chris Flynn - vocals, lead guitar; Kent Richards - keyboards, vocals; Dan Flynn - drums, percussion; Jim Kuha - bass, keyboard, bass pedals, vocals; Shishonee Flynn- harp, vocals, percussion

Art In America were around for one album and a fleeting glimpse of national exposure during the heyday of MTV in the early-1980s. Heavily influenced by the '70s progressive rock gods of the U.K. (Yes, ELP, Genesis, Alan Parson Project) but trying to fit into the electro-pop sound of that time, Art In America probably would have been done far better in the public eye if they had been signed to one of the major labels.

Spearheaded by Shishonee Flynn, and her brothers Chris (guitar/vocals) and Dan Flynn (drums), the group was augmented by bassist Jim Kuha and keyboardist Kent Richards, and had made a name for itself in the Detroit area, but never really had broke out past the fans of prog music.

After an obnoxious introduction by a DJ from WRIF-FM, the band launches into a memorable set featuring material from their debut LP. The record, which also featured members of the Dixie Dregs on it, was produced and engineered by Eddie Offord, the studio whiz behind the classic recordings of YES and ELP. (The album was re-issued in May 2008, on Renaissance Records).

Chris Flynn offers up some solid vocals throughout, and his sister Shishonee adds the edge to the band's sound with her harp and odd percussive accents. Not everything works, however; "The Line," is a mundane song about waiting in a supermarket line, and "Loot," is derivative of Rush. They group did have one regional hit single, "Undercover Lover," which they played near the end of the show.

The band is still together today, with only keyboardist Kent Richards gone from the original line-up.