Art Garfunkel

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  1. 1Skywriter04:55
  2. 2Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father02:28
  3. 3Bright Eyes04:08
  4. 4Bridge Over Troubled Water05:26
Liner Notes

Art Garfunkel - vocals; Simon Nicol - guitar; Nicky Hopkins - piano; Jess Bailey - synthesizers; Woody Woodmansy - drums

This incomplete performance by Art Garfunkel was recorded at London's legendary Royal Albert Hall during what had become one his estrangements from Paul Simon. The duo had reunited a number of times since splitting in 1970, but they stopped talking for a period of almost 12 years after Simon snubbed Garfunkel at what would have been a repeat of their successful Central Park appearance.

Even when they couldn't be in the same room with each other, Garfunkel continued to sing Simon's songs; and though Simon wrote all the material, Garfunkel and his distinctively clear, high voice were half of what made them hit records. Although only four songs exist from this recording, Garfunkel performs the classic "Bridge Over Troubled Water," the signature closer in his solo show. Ironically, Paul Simon told interviewers after they split that the biggest mistake of his musical career was encouraging Art Garfunkel to sing the lead on that song when they recorded it.

Although Garfunkle had first ventured into acting after the demise of S&G (he was a surprise success in the Mike Nichols film, Catch 22), when he finally got around to making a solo album in 1973, he relied heavily on songwriters such as Jimmy Webb and Randy Newman to supply material. Both those writers are represented here as well, and it's refreshing to hear the curly haired tenor trying songs outside his most well known Simon and Garfunkel repertoire. Backed by a stellar cast of talented and well known musicians, this set is a fine example of Art Garfunkel at his best.