American Authors Mar 15, 2014

American Authors

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:06
  2. 2Best Day Of My Life03:07
  3. 3Believer02:54
  4. 4Trouble03:30
  5. 5Luck03:38
American Authors Mar 15, 2014
Liner Notes

We are moving swiftly into those days where spring fades away before we ever knew it was here, when the sun's already cooking at breakfast time and everything's blindingly bright. We're trying to wear as little as possible and attempting to cut out from work earlier and earlier every day, as the days lengthen and the humidity thickens. We stop being shut-ins, those bears and critters with bushy hides and big old guts, and we start to feel more like ourselves again. We shake out the blues and kick off the rust and start to be with people again. We look at the weather forecasts with yelps rather than groans and we find more and more reasons to touch.

It's this time of the year that Boston band American Authors can pen the soundtrack that should accompany the hours. They're okay with the feel good. They're connoisseurs of smelling the roses. They actually plant the roses so that they can smell them down the line a while. Their ubiquitous radio hit, "Best Day On My Life," is about draining the life out of days. It's about getting out of bed, slapping some water on your face and just perking it up -- refusing to get ground down or to let anything bum you out. It's a mind over matter thing and fits in perfectly with the whole movement/phenomenon of happiness that Pharrell Williams is getting most of the credit for these days. It's about being thankful and grateful. It's about milking your time with friends and loved ones -- howling at the moon with them. It's about writing your own script rather than having to scan one slid your way, searching for your lines.