Alvin Lee

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction by Scott Muni00:28
  2. 2Somebody's Calling Me06:45
  3. 3Going Through The Door05:54
  4. 4Money Honey02:46
  5. 5Ride My Train15:27
  6. 6You Told Me03:54
  7. 7How Many Times03:00
  8. 8I Got Eyes For You02:34
  9. 9Julian Rice05:30
  10. 10One More Chance04:13
  11. 11I Love Rock & Roll05:06
  12. 12Johnny B. Goode03:54
Liner Notes

Alvin Lee - vocals, lead guitar; Neil Hubbard - guitar; Tim Hinkley - keyboards; Alan Spenner - bass; Mel Collins - sax; Ian Wallace - drums; Dyan Birch & Paddie McHugh - backing vocals

This seems to be a newly expanded composite of the entire show, a few songs of which were up before from the heavily edited KBFH broadcast. Overall the quality is superb and Lee has a great band for this first-ever solo tour. This should be a welcome addition since the majority of it has never been heard before.