Alanis Morissette

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  1. 1The Feeling Begins / All I Really Want07:19
  2. 2Right Through You03:27
  3. 3band intros / Not The Doctor07:18
  4. 4Hand In My Pocket04:44
  5. 5Mary Jane06:11
  6. 6Song Intro00:29
  7. 7Ironic03:58
  8. 8You Learn05:13
  9. 9Forgiven06:26
  10. 10You Oughta Know05:41
  11. 11Wake Up07:14
  12. 12Perfect (incomplete)00:51
Liner Notes

Alanis Morissette - lead vocals, harmonica, guitar; Nick Lashley - guitar , backup vocals; Jesse Tobias - guitar, backup vocals; Chris Chaney - bass guitar; Taylor Hawkins - drums, percussion

One of the dominating albums of the 1990s, Alanis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill would literally take the music world by storm. Surfacing in early 1995 at the height of grunge, Morrissette's eclectic unrestrained singing and brutally honest songwriting captured global attention during that MTV-dominated era. Jagged Little Pill would eventually spawn half a dozen hit singles, including the harsh, angry (and often censored) "You Oughta Know," the self-empowered optimism of "Hand In My Pocket" and Morrisette's humorous look at painful situations in "Ironic," to name but a few. On this album, Morrisette and her cowriter/producer Glen Ballard had crafted a remarkable batch of sharply written songs and Morrisette conveyed them with such conviction that they could not be denied.

Journey back to the very beginning of Alanis Morrisette's breakout success, when she and her band hit the stage of Tramps in New York City, a mere two months after Jagged Little Pill's release. Capturing Morrissette when her take no prisoners approach was clear and concentrated, this high quality live recording conveys an artist commanding attention and getting it from a most discerning New York City audience. Sporting a powerhouse rhythm section that included former Jane's Addiction bass player Chris Chaney and future Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins on drums (both are key ingredients here), Morrissette takes the emotionally charged Jagged Little Pill songs to the stage, when they were all brand spanking new.

The following year Jagged Little Pill would dominate the Grammy Awards, garnering six nominations. Morrissette would walk away with four, including "Best Female Rock Vocal Performance" and "Album Of The Year."