Alan King

Sample this concert
  1. 1Rundown Of The Show01:42
  2. 2Warm Up03:52
  3. 3Go For It, Mrs. Berkowitz (Buddy Hackett)01:37
  4. 4Pre-Show Music And Intro01:31
  5. 5Harvard02:09
  6. 6Who Was The First Person To Make You Laugh?03:24
  7. 7What Is Funny?03:53
  8. 8Not Everybody Is Funny01:57
  9. 9Observation In Comedy02:00
  10. 10Doorbell Story (Tim Conway)01:21
  11. 11Writing For Other Comedians01:51
  12. 12Success In Comedy03:13
  13. 13Offensive Comedy03:45
  14. 14Bodily Functions04:12
  15. 15The Surprise02:18
  16. 16Political Correctness02:15
  17. 17The Guy Who's Not Laughing05:35
  18. 18Back To Political Correctness06:28
  19. 19W.C. Fields01:46
  20. 20The Blind Man With A Dog (Buddy Hackett)00:37
  21. 21Taking Risks02:02
  22. 22Offensiveness On Television01:18
  23. 23The Hotel Lights (Tim Conway)03:22
  24. 24Live Comedy Vs Television03:32
  25. 25Nostalgia, Profanity, And Race03:34
  26. 26The Birds And The Bees (Tim Conway)02:07
  27. 27The Brown Cow And The White Cow (Buddy Hackett)00:57
  28. 28Blue Comedy Vs Clean Comedy03:27
  29. 29Fat Ass Johnson (Buddy Hackett)01:43
  30. 30On Buddy Hackett's Act01:27
  31. 31Structuring A Joke02:58
  32. 32Doctor's Office Joke (Tim Conway)01:20
  33. 33The Anne Frank House (Judy Gold)01:04
  34. 34Some Words Are Funnier Than Other01:40
  35. 35Some Words Are Funnier Than Others01:03
  36. 36Three Steps01:23
  37. 37Sight Gags01:59
  38. 38Comedy In Latin America (Paul Rodriguez)03:14
  39. 39Political Comedy04:28
  40. 40Explaining Dorf (Tim Conway)01:23
  41. 41Political Humor Is Impermanent01:41
  42. 42Ronald Reagan03:33
  43. 43I'm Allowed To Say It, But You're Not02:44
  44. 44Double Standards02:51
  45. 45Minority Comedians02:14
  46. 46Question02:18
  47. 47Using Your Ethnicity In Comedy04:06
  48. 48Advice For Aspiring Comedians03:25
  49. 49Must The Show Go On_05:36
  50. 50Academic Comedy04:06
  51. 51Improvisational Comedy02:47
  52. 52Physical Comedy05:13
  53. 53Writing Your Own Material01:04
  54. 54On Tim Conway's Comedy04:37