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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:04
  2. 2Smoke and Mirrors03:05
  3. 3Fool's Paradise03:34
  4. 4Feels Like Heaven04:35
  5. 5Rio05:21
Adventure Nov 17, 2011
Liner Notes

Sometimes Benny Boeldt, the author and composer of Adventure, makes us think that we're motor-boating around in a re-run of a Miami Vice episode. The bleeps and bloops are something that we'd liken to the optimism of the 1980s (if that was ever a real thing) and come to us as if there are bank heists and drug runners on the move and we've got to get our chase on, looking good and feeling good while doing it. Our hair is being blown back and we're on the move, through those infested waters, with the lights of a debaucherous Friday or Saturday night pulsing and playing against the surface of the blue that we're cutting through. It's not a glamour cruise though. The one that Adventure takes us on is more like a dip into the pits of the stomach and into chambers of the heart that are most affected by the magical dust of a moonlit night. There's romance and pessimism steaming off of these electronic songs that seem to be meant more for the introspective corners of the night, rather than the ones that are more focused on neon and body parts rubbing. They aren't necessarily meant for the dance floor, but rather for the head of someone trying to live for the moment, just in a more meaningful way. Boeldt sings, "Fools gathered in the night/I've been waiting for you to arrive/Under the moon," and there are parts of mysterious nights there, as if the gray and glowing light of that lunar orb could be spilled out, down the sky and over folks needing a little more luck, or dare we say, a little more adventure. We're slammed into the waves and it knocks us a little bit, into thinking that there are more exciting ways to spend time. There's no time for stagnant feelings or stagnant people. Waiting for someone to arrive under the moon seems as if it's a date with some part of destiny - a blind date that could result in who knows what. It's got the feel of taking a chance on something, anything and just letting it do whatever it's going to do. It's worth the attempt, the devil may care attitude, just to see what will come, for Boeldt also sings, "Maybe we won't live to see the day we die of old age," but we might have the chance to live to a day that gets us pretty close to that day and if that's not an accomplishment, who knows what passes for one these days.