Adam Clayton

  • Date Mar 25, 1985
  • Total Length 10:42
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Liner Notes

This interview with U2 bassist Adam Clayton was recorded for the Inside Track with Lisa Robinson radio show. At the time of the interview in March of 1985, U2 was in the fourth leg of The Unforgettable Fire tour.

Adam proves himself to be a refreshing subject by stating his distaste for performing a few of U2's early classics. In addition, he gives his opinion on most of the songs from the 1983 album, War. Although the conversation steers away from the group's then-current album and tour (check out this interview with Bono to hear more about that), Adam's remark about U2's musical direction coming in three album cycles has essentially remained true to this day.

00:00 - Reputation as the bad boy of U2
01:28 - Expectations for group at its formation
02:50 - Unlike other groups who abuse their stature, U2 has remained grounded
04:23 - Why he is the least recognized member of the band
05:46 - Role as bass player
06:59 - Likes and dislikes of U2's musical direction
07:37 - The Unforgettable Fire as the start of a new trilogy of albums
08:30 - The War album and tour experience
09:38 - Opinion of playing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" live