Sample this concert
  1. 1Shock On The Tube (Don't Want Love)04:25
  2. 2Art For Art's Sake13:00
  3. 3For You And I05:44
  4. 4From Rochdale To Ocho Rios04:15
  5. 5Feel The Benefit, Pts. 1-316:02
  6. 6I'm Not In Love06:06
Liner Notes

Graham Gouldman - vocals, guitars; Eric Stewart - vocals, guitars; Rick Fenn - guitar; Tony O'Malley - keyboards; Stuart Tosh - drums

At this 1978 Montreal show recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour, 10cc played a set chiefly drawing upon their newest album, Bloody Tourists. Three out of the six songs played come from that album, and they're noticeably the shortest. Mysteriously, then-recent hit "Dreadlock Holiday" does not appear. Instead, the group tends towards extended renditions of a few older tunes, including a full performance of "Feel the Benefit" from Deceptive Bends, a song which also prominently featured on their 1977 live record, Live and Let Live.

By this time in their career, the group's humorous musical toils were being penned and recorded mostly by the two lead vocalists and guitarists, Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart, with the aid of session musicians. Gouldman had at one time been a member of the Mockingbirds, and wrote hits for bands like the Hollies, Jeff Beck, and the Yardbirds, and Eric Stewart was once in Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders. The five-piece band is introduced to the stage by a cartoonish, robotic-sounding MC voice introduces the band as if the audience is about to take flight (for instance, rather than pointing out flotation devices, it says, "If you look under your seat, you'll notice the legs of the person behind you"). The group then launches into the evening's most excited number, "Shock on the Tube (Don't Want Love)", followed by a 13-minute rendition of "Art for Art's Sake" from How Dare You!, the 1976 album generally acknowledged as their best.

10cc would go on to record three more albums before disbanding after 1983's Window in the Jungle. The band's original, early '70s line-up would reunite to record Meanwhile in 1992, and the following year's Mirror Mirror featured only Gouldman and Stewart from the original group.