10,000 Maniacs

Sample this concert
  1. 1These Are Days04:45
  2. 2What's the Matter Here05:09
  3. 3Cherry Tree03:35
  4. 4A Campfire Song03:34
  5. 5Like the Weather04:07
  6. 6Drift Away01:00
  7. 7You Happy Puppet03:52
  8. 8Trouble Me03:48
  9. 9How You've Grown04:06
  10. 10Noah's Dove04:40
  11. 11Gun Shy04:42
  12. 12Eden04:32
  13. 13Jezebel04:15
  14. 14Eat For Two03:55
  15. 15City Of Angels04:59
  16. 16Stockton Gala Days05:22
  17. 17Son of a Preacher Man03:07
  18. 18Candy Everybody Wants03:29
  19. 19Hey Jack Kerouac03:33
  20. 20Song Introduction00:24
  21. 21Far and Few Between05:18
  22. 22I'm Beginning To See the Light01:11
  23. 23My Sister Rose03:37
  24. 24Song Introduction02:14
  25. 25Everyday Is Like Sunday03:47
  26. 26Sweet Bessie From Pike00:20
  27. 27Gold Rush Brides03:30
  28. 28Song Introduction00:59
  29. 29To Sir, With Love04:01
Liner Notes

Jerome Augustyniak - percussion, drums; Robert Buck - acoustic guitar; Bill Dillon - acoustic guitar, mandolin; Dennis Drew - organ, piano; Steve Gustafson - bass; Amanda Kramer - organ, piano; Natalie Merchant - piano, vocals; Mary Ramsey - viola, background vocals

This sterling recording of 10,000 Maniacs, made while the band was enjoying its greatest commercial success, has been locked away for nearly 17 years. Recorded at the onset of the band's final tour with singer Natalie Merchant, these tracks were cut two months prior to their taping of MTV's Unplugged, which was among the most successful of CD/DVD releases in that show's history.

Although the world was unaware of it at the time, Merchant had give her bandmates in 10,000 Maniacs a two-year notice at the onset of recording 1992's Our Time In Eden that she was leaving to pursue a solo career. By the time the Unplugged sessions were released as a CD in 1994, Merchant was already recording Tiger Lily, her debut solo album, which went on to sell over five million copies.

Recorded at the artist-friendly Berkeley Community Theater, this show features a lengthy blend of hits, album tracks, and tasty cover songs, all which easily demonstrate why the Maniacs were so good in their prime.

Formed in 1980 in Jamestown, NY when Merchant was only 17, the group would play around venues New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio as an indie rock act until they got a deal with Elektra Records in 1985. The Wishing Chair, the band's first LP, gave them national recognition, but when co-founder/guitarist John Lombardo left in 1986, most thought it would be the end of the group. But they carried on as a quartet, releasing In My Tribe in 1987, which charted for 77 weeks and went platinum.

Among the highlights of this show are memorable versions of such Maniac classics as "These Are The Days," "What's the Matter Here?," "Trouble Me," and "Hey Jack Kerouac," as well as some cool covers like the Dobie Gray hit "Drift Away" and a stunning version of Dusty Springfield's "Son Of A Preacher Man."

When Merchant went solo in 1994, the band asked Mary Ramsey (featured here as a backup musician) to take over for Merchant, along with her musical associate and band founder, John Lombardo, who ended up returning. With the exception of guitarist Robert Buck who died of liver failure in 2000, the band continues to perform today, but the radio hits have eluded the group since Merchant left.

Natalie Merchant went on to find huge success as a solo artist, and recently released a new acoustic music collection entitled Leave Your Sleep.