Maria Muldaur

Although she had a Top 10 hit with her 1973 mellow pop hit, "Midnight At The Oasis," Maria Muldaur has kept her musical focus on the historical genres of rural blues and roots music. Born and raised in Greenwich Village, New York, Maria D'Amato (her maiden name) ran away from home at 17 and ended up around the corner from her house where she became a nanny to an eccentric married couple that had a massive blues and jazz record collection.

Whenever she was in the home alone or after the kids had been put to sleep she delved into everything from Leadbelly to Jimmie Rogers. Eventually, she befriended an unknown folk singer named Bob Dylan, and gravitated to the growing McDougal Street music scene. She formed a jug band with the then-unknown John Sebastian, and from there, went to the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, with whom she recorded for Warner-Reprise and met her future husband, Geoff. After making two records as a duo, Geoff and Maria separated and pursued individual paths, and Maria's solo career took off shortly thereafter.

Maria Muldaur continues to write, record and tour, and has remained focused on traditional country/folk and blues music.

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