Weezer fan or not, listeners have to agree that "Undone -The Sweater Song," has an addictive quirkiness that finds its way into one's head and stays there for a while. Weezer was formed in 1992 by Rivers Cuomo, Jason Cropper, Matt Sharp and Pat Wilson and, with releases packed between the alpha of their debut, self-titled album in 1994 and omega of their same-name album dubbed the 'green album' because of the background color, in April of 2004, has successfully fought off the nagging "one-hit-wonder" label that some critics predicted. After the release of Pinkerton in 1996, an album that was initially scorned but received high praise in retrospect, the Pinkerton Detective Agency sued Weezer for infringing on the company name. Cuomo spent hours preparing his explanation for "Pinkerton" in the title (it refers to a character from the opera, Madame Butterfly), and when Weezer defended the usage in court, the judge decided in the band's favor.

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