The only battles War fought during their reign over 70's funk were those between deep bass lines and grooving interplays. This band born in Long Beach, California created their signature sound by blending Latin, jazz, blues, rock, soul and funk. A collective effort by their multi-racial lineup, War began as an R&B cover band called the Creators. A couple of lineups and band names later, Eric Burdon caught a performance and essentially adopted the group, changing their name to War. The band entered the studio in August 1969, from which they released their first album "Eric Burdon Declares War." Within two years, Burdon had quit the band mid-tour, citing exhaustion, but War continued to find success, scoring some top 10 hits and a loyal following, until Disco's entrance in 1977 basically drove the band into a downward slump. A number of reunion attempts slowly and haltingly propelled the band, albeit with a number of changing lineups, into the 90s, but it's safe to say today that War is just a fond memory.

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