Langhorne Slim / St. Paul and The Broken Bones Vinyl 12" (New)
  • Langhorne Slim / St. Paul and The Broken Bones Vinyl 12" (New)
  • Langhorne Slim / St. Paul and The Broken Bones Vinyl 12" (New) reverse side
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Unlike our other vinyl, this title was cut at 45rpms.
The 21th installment in the limited-run Daytrotter Presents vinyl series, this 180-gram, split 12-inch vinyl features one of the hardest working bands in America, Langhorne Slim, and one of the most promising new bands in the country, St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Langhorne Slim slings all the dirtiness, all that fur, the matted pelt, the ability to just roam and roam, the howling, the fighting over the last leg bone, that baring of those fangs, the growling, the animalistic love-making, the pack life and the unpredictability into their dynamic, make-life-tingle-again music. They bring us to a point of self-recognition and some kind of abnormal normalcy, as if there's something out there that can help us find ourselves and could suddenly explain all of our feelings, wants and needs. St. Paul and the Broken Bones write and play their soul songs as if they were burning up. They are sung as if everything depended on them. These are stunning examples of where something that comes so easily and sometimes goes just as easily can be so substantial. These are love songs for those who don't dabble in the game. Get these while you can. Quantities will be limited. Thanks for the support and enjoy!
Langhorne Slim (Side A)
1. Bad Luck
2. Song For Sid
3. The Way We Move
4. Past Lives
5. Found My Heart
St. Paul and The Broken Bones (Side B)
1. Half The City
2. Broken Bones and Pocket Change
3. Call Me
4. I'm Torn
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