Fillmore Series Special Chance

In the mid '80s Bill Graham reopened the original Fillmore, only to have it closed by the 1989 earthquake. Bill's death in a helicopter accident in October 1991 inspired everyone at Bill Graham Presents to finish one of his final pet projects: to restore the building he loved more than any other. The Fillmore continues to present the best popular music as well as the tradition of exceptional poster art to promote the shows.

Wolfgang’s is the sole owner of these amazing posters produced from 1988-2004. Many of these collectibles are now over 30 years old and their scarcity is increasing. As the value increases, so must the price. We want to give all our customers the chance to acquire these posters at their current prices before prices go up on May 1st.

Add to your collection now or today is the perfect day to start collecting these treasures.

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