Turley Richards

Turley Richards is a talented West Virgina-born singer-songwriter and producer who has been on the verge of stardom several times, only to remain a well kept secret. Damaging his vision in a childhood archery accident and completely blind by his late 20s, his life has been a whirlwind ride, where predictions of him being "the next big thing" have led to him being signed by seven different labels over the course of his career. Standing at 6' 4", and blessed with a soulful exuberant voice, Richards is a commanding presence. Unlike most white singer-songwriters of the era, who usually came from a folksinger background, Richards' style is firmly rooted in blues and soul music. His vocal inflections reveal an obvious love for the singing style of Jackie Wilson and Ray Charles, with a bit of Wilson Pickett and even Little Richard tossed in for good measure.

Over his career he only managed four major label releases, and many of his fans prefer his live recordings to his studio ones. Turley Richards is still alive and well and he continues to perform and produce music. His ability to overcome his challenges and retain his optimistic attitude continues to drive his music forward to the present day. He recently released the album Back to My Roots in 2005, his first since 1980's Therfu.

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