Treasure was a four-piece hard rock band Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals formed after his second solo LP, Destiny. Treasure (which only made one LP), featured future Kiss member and '80s guitar hero, Vinnie Vincent. Back in 1976, when the band recorded and toured, he was still using his legal name, Vinnie Cusano. Drummer Jack Scarangella had worked in various NY based bands and done session work. Treasure never achieved the radio airplay they hoped for (although the band's label had high hopes for the single, "Love Me Tonight") there are still several examples of the excellent musicianship of the band, and Cavaliere's exceptional (and soulful) voice is simply undeniable. The widely used phrase "blue eyed soul" was actually coined to describe Cavaliere and the Rascals. It has since become the standard definition of white artists who sing soul music.

After a long and mostly successful career as the lead singer and organist for the Rascals, Cavaliere launched a solo career in 1972 when they broke up. Initially signing with Albert Grossman's Woodstock-based Bearsville Records (home of Todd Rundgren, Paul Butterfield, and Foghat), his first two solo releases were not commercial successes. In 1976, Cavaliere moved to Epic Records, and decided he once again wanted to be a member of a band.

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