Tom Tom Club

The Tom Tom Club began in the late 1970s as a side project for the married rhythm section of the Talking Heads, drummer Chris Frantz and bassist Tina Weymouth, while bandleader David Byrne went off to make albums with Brian Eno and Ryuichi Sakamoto. They had an unexpected gold album and their self-titled debut album contained three successful singles—"Wordy Rappinghood," "Genius of Love," and "Under the Boardwalk." The group released their follow up, Closer To The Bone in 1983 to a positive reception. Though it was not a commercial smash, it was critically well-received. Tom Tom Club fans had to wait five more years for another album, 1988's Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom. The group released only two more albums, 1991's Dark Sneak Love Action and 2000's The Good, The Bad, and the Funky.

Though Tom Tom Club enjoyed a successful run, it was never able to get the attention from Frantz and Weymouth necessary to put the group over the top. Besides their impressive career with the Talking Heads, Frantz and Weymouth found the time to moonlight as producers, turning the nobs on albums such as the Happy Mondays' 1991 LP Yes Please!. The duo married in 1988, live in Connecticut, and have two children.

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