Tina Turner

It could be the mile-long legs, it could be the step-class-from-Hell dance moves, it could be the God-given grit-gravel voice with croon control, but Tina Turner puts the "woo" in woman. By the time Helen Reddy was soft-rockin' "I Am Woman" in 1972, Turner was a well known, live-and-in-person hot-rockin' woman who kept her hard-driving, heavy-breathing onstage performances barely to the right of "lady." The engine in the Ike and Tina R & B soul rock machine, Turner's talent quickly moved the Revue from B-billing at Princeton U. parties in the mid-'60s to "River Deep-Mountain High" for Phil Spector in 1966 and opening for the Stones in '69. Turner's path from Tennessee and St. Louis to Ike Turner, however, was also a trip from naive to deja vu and, ultimately, her personal transformation from used and abused to transfused. Ahead of the women's lib curve, Turner walked out on Ike in '73 and became herself. With a string of hits from the sixties, including "A Fool in Love" and "I Idolize You" behind her, Turner had "Private Dancer" and "What's Love Got to Do With It" ahead of her in '84. That album plus others including the eloquent "Twenty Four Seven" in 1999 and several block-busting, this-is-my-final-tour tours keep Turner out there, relevant and respected. "Nice... And rough," the "Proud Mary" intro., describes the early Turner; elegant, ageless and admired describe capri-clad diva today.

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