Til Tuesday

Mostly because of their relatively short career, 'Til Tuesday remains one of the most underrated new wave groups of the '80s. The Bostonians were led by the powerful vocals and ever-present elegant swagger of vocalist/bassist, Aimee Mann. Though Mann's sultry vocals, undeniable charisma, and sex appeal made her the band's main focus, the other three members were essential to their futuristic sound. Joey Pesce's majestic, infectious synth melodies expertly combine with Mann's soaring vocals to create the marrow of 'Til Tuesday's sound. Guitarist Robert Holmes is rarely content to follow along with the keyboard, instead opting to play off the melodies crafted by Pesce, which adds complexity and depth to their melodic arrangements. Drummer Michael Hausman, whose relationship with Mann is said to have been the inspiration behind their biggest hit, "Voices Carry," is content to solidify the group with his consistent, powerful drumming.

'Til Tuesday was a new-wave band that formed in 1982 in Boston, Massachusetts. They started building a little buzz when their 1983 single, "Love in a Vacuum," started getting airplay on Boston radio. Through that buzz, the group signed a deal with Epic Records and released their debut LP, Voices Carry, in 1985. The album was very successful, and the title track and its accompanying video became very popular. The album hit #19 on the Billboard Charts.

From there, they released 1986's, Welcome Home. While it was popular among most 'Til Tuesday fans, it did not sell as well as its predecessor. It broke the Top 50 and featured a Top 10 single, "What About Love," but that did not translate to quite the level of success they had previously achieved. Their swan song came in the form of 1988's aptly-named, Everything is Different Now. Original keyboard player Joey Pesce had quit the band, so the group hired Michael Montes to fill in. Though the album was critically well-received, it failed to make a commercial dent, not even breaking into the Top 100. Shortly after its release, 'Til Tuesday was no more, though Mann carried on touring under the group's name until 1990. Interestingly, the incomparable Jon Brion played with the group from 1988-1990.

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