The Sons of Champlin

San Francisco's Sons of Champlin enjoyed a long, eclectic career. Forming in the late 60's, Sons of Champlin was formed by Oakland-native Bill Champlin. With Champlin handling vocals, keyboards, and guitars, the band was filled out by Tim Cain (saxophone), John Prosser (bass), Terry Haggerty (guitar), and Jim Myers (drums). The group went through many line-up changes, and only Champlin endured the group's entire run. That said, the group does have three long-term members. Geoffrey Palmer remains with the group, after joining in 1967, and James Preston and David Schallock have both been with the band since '71.

The group released their first LP Loosen Up Naturally in January of 1969. After two more albums, the group split up in 1970 with Champlin playing guitar for a group called the Rhythm Dukes. However, the Dukes split up after less than a year, and Champlin reformed the group in 1971. They returned with 1971's Follow Your Heart, which, like their previous LPs, was released on Capitol Records. Though that was the Sons of Champlin's last effort for the label, they released four more albums before they split up again in 1977. Champlin reformed the band in 1997, and they released a live album called Secret in 2004. The group is still around, and they even released a new studio album in 2005, Hip Lil' Dreams on Dig Music.

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