The Rascals

Also known as the Young Rascals, the Rascals were formed in New York City in 1964. Lead by vocalist/keyboardist Felix Cavaliere, the group formed in 1964 with vocalist Eddie Brigati, Gene Cornish on guitar, and drummer Dino Danelli rounding out the group.

The group's first four albums -- The Young Rascals (1966), Collections (1967), Groovin' (1967), and Once Upon A Dream (1968) - all hit the top 15 of the Billboard Top 200, making them one of the hottest groups of the era. In that time, they crafted popular American blue-eyed soul records, like "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore," "Good Lovin'," "It's A Beautiful Morning," "People Gotta Be Free" and "Groovin'." By the turn of the decade, Cavaliere was determined to take the band in a more jazz and gospel inspired direction.

The group ended its long and fruitful association with Atlantic Records and producer Arif Mardin to work with Clive Davis and Columbia Records, where Cavaliere reshaped the lineup and set the band on its new musical course. Sadly, the fans failed to follow, as none of the material recorded after leaving Atlantic ever saw action in the charts. The group disbanded in 1972, but Cavaliere continues to make music to this day.

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