The Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs formed in England in 1977 with Richard Butler and his brother, bassist Tim. They soon added the rest of the band and started making a splash in the UK's thriving new-wave club circuit. In the US, the band was quickly adopted by the new medium of MTV. The MTV exposure secured their footing stateside, and as alternative radio formats began to take over, the Furs were among the most popular bands of that era. The support of Columbia Records' giant promotional department didn't hurt either.

Many of the band's songs became staples in a crop of new "brat pack" movies, including Pretty in Pink, which inspired the teen film of the same name. By 1986 the band was trimmed to a quartet, and after working with Todd Rundgren, they became essentially a vehicle for the two Butler brothers. In 1991 the Furs split up, and Richard Butler launched a new group, Love Spit Love, that never took hold despite two critically-acclaimed albums. The Furs reunited in 2000 and have remained together, off and on, ever since. Though they still haven't released an album of new music since their reformation, the group remains active, playing well-attended shows around the world.

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