The Hooters

The Hooters were arguably one of the best rock bands to emerge from Philadelphia. Although their global success was limited to the first couple of albums and a few MTV video hits from 1984/85, The Hooters were hometown heroes in Philly (and their native Ardmore, PA), which peaked with an appearance at the U.S. version of Live Aid. In 1985, the band released their breakthrough LP Nervous Night on Columbia Records, which featured the Top 10 hit, "All You Zombies." Though they group went through many members, the album's line-up—Eric Bazilian (vocals, guitars), Rob Hyman (vocals, keyboards), Andy Kind (bass), John Lilley (guitar), and David Uosikkinen (drums)—was perhaps their most iconic.

One of the songs from that album, "Where Do The Children Go?," is a compelling ballad rumored to have been written about the deadly government raid on the Move compound (a radical African-American sect that had been operating in Philadelphia). It is viewed by many as one of their finest songs." The Hooters never matched the success they saw between 1984 and 1986, and ended up splitting up in the late 1990s, reforming in 2007. They have resumed touring, focusing on markets such as Europe and Japan.

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