The Hollies

The British-born Hollies spun a long, sweet career out of pop/rock hooks heavy on Everly-influenced harmonies. Jelling in 1963 at five performers, the line-up included lead singer Allan Clarke, vocalist/guitarist Graham Nash, Eric Haydock on bass, Tommy Hicks and drummer Bobby Elliott. Early favorites were R&B covers, and the band's style, more bubble gum than big picture, didn't threaten fellow Brits Beatles and Rolling Stones. Success in America came in the form of "Bus Stop" in 1966, at which point Haydock had moved on and Bernie Calvert moved in, and the Hollies tapped into a fan base unimpressed by the increasingly experimental vogue. Nash took off for more serious pastures, which turned out to be CSN in the States, and the Hollies cruised through the seventies with hits like "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" and "The Air That I Breathe." Disco slipped into the repertoire in the eighties, but the lack of a definitive style on the band's part and notably restrained marketing efforts on the part of its record company probably kept the Hollies from morphing into a decades-spanning success story. A small revival generated by 1983's What Goes Around with Nash in the line-up lacked stamina, and the Hollies gave up recording in the nineties.

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