The Avengers

By 1977, the stinking fog of punk rock had crept all the way to the West Coast where untamed youth that might have been doused in paisley and patchouli a decade earlier were now taking razorblades to clothing and safety pins to earlobes. If peace and love were curious and troubling to establishment squares in the '60s, the abject nihilism of this new subculture must have been positively terrifying.

Around this time, at a San Francisco art school (where else?), the members of the Avengers were slowly coming together. Once the line-up was cemented, fronted by proto-riot grrrl Penelope Houston, the band quickly became a staple of legendary SF venue Mabuhay Gardens, as well as the growing circuit of punk-friendly clubs and rec-centers in the Bay Area and Southern California. Houston was flanked by guitarist Greg Ingraham, bassist Jimmy Wilsey, and drummer Danny Furious. Though that primary incarnation only lasted two years, the group released two EPs and were the opening act up for the Sex Pistols final show at the Winterland.

They reformed briefly in '99 and again in 2004. The 2004 incarnation of the Avengers welcomed new members bassist Joel Reader (The Mr. T Experience) and drummer Luis Illades. The quartet plays occasional live shows.

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