Ten Years After

The fans of British blues-rockers Ten Years After are steadfast, despite the fact that the band broke up in 1975. "I'm Going Home," from the cleverly named 1968 live album Undead, was popular on both sides of the Atlantic, and the 11-minute version the band played at Woodstock is an indelible piece of rock history that quickly elevated them from underground/club band to star billing. Ten Years After toured the States 28 times in seven years, was a frequent performer at Bill Graham's Fillmore venues and released eleven albums by 1974, the year the band announced its planned denouement. After the break-up, Alvin Lee continued his successful solo career but also found the time to reunite with TYA over the years. In a move that rekindled great fan interest in the original group, the band released Ten Years After- Live at the Fillmore East 1970 in 2001.

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