Ten Wheel Drive

After vocalist Genya Ravan's all-female band dissolved in 1968 she quickly went searching for her next creative endeavor. When she met musicians Michael Zagar and Aram Schefrin, they knew the chemistry was right and Ten Wheel Drive was born. After finding musicians to fill the rhythm and bass sections, the band was up and running, performing regularly by 1969. Their first album, Construction #1, was well received and Ravan found herself being compared to another fiery female persona in rock, Janis Joplin. One notable Ten Wheel Drive performance was at the Fillmore East, where the band not only shined with their bluesy rock musical prowess but treated the audience to a semi-nude, clothes-shedding Genya Ravan. A spot at the Atlanta Pop Festival cemented the ensemble's status, and it appeared that the band was destined for a long and remarkable life together. That was not to be, however, and Ravan left the band to pursue a solo career, replaced by Annie Sutton of the Rascals. The band's forth and final self-titled album release did nothing to quell their impending breakup after the fire went out of their collaboration. Ten Wheel Drive disbanded in 1974.

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