Sting (aka Gordon Sumner) is one of the rare rockers who might be called erudite. Criticized by rockers for being cerebral and by the cerebral for being too rock, Sting's career ascended as he satisfied each wing in turn while the opposing felt compelled to listen, if only to find the flaws. Fond of jazz-rock early in his career, Sting's early and enormous success was with The Police. A great live band, Police concerts distilled tautly written songs with ska-influenced energy into a unique blend that propelled them to the top of the music world. Sting's post-Police solo and combo work reveal him to be a singer of strength, a writer of depth and a keen observer. In performances around the world Sting concerts addressed the issues of hunger, war and disease among others via his appearances on stage and in-concert. Wolfgang's is home to several Police and Sting solo live shows.

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