Sammy Hagar

People either love him or hate him, but Sammy Hagar has rocked the rock world, both as a solo artist and as a member of various bands, most notably Van Halen. His early career as lead singer and rhythm guitarist of California hard rock band Montrose led Hager to other players in the scene. He left Montrose in 1976 to develop his solo career, working with various other musicians, collaborating, touring and writing music. 1985 saw Hagar replace David Lee Roth as lead singer of Van Halen, and it was with them that he really achieved superstardom. However, despite his undeniable success with Van Halen throughout the 80's and into the 90's, by 1996 Hagar either quit or was fired from the band under a well publicized media circus. He went on to further pursue his solo career, releasing "Marching to Mars" in 1997 to positive reception with the sales to prove it. Hagar continues to perform, write and release today.

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