Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon showed up on the music scene in 1977 with a six-inch high, jet black pompadour hairdo and a clear, rich baritone voice, the latter of which he used to sing some of the best rockabilly, classic rock 'n' roll and R&B that'd been heard in years. He had guitar icon Link Wray, a 1950s rockabilly pioneer, along with on tour, thus lending a certain credibility to his project.

Wray would eventually leave Gordon's group to resume his solo career, and would be replaced by ace British axeman Chris Spedding, who appears on many of his live recordings. Gordon and his 1977 debut, Robert Gordon with Link Wray, on the now defunct Private Stock label, was arguably as good as any LP from the many legendary rock 'n' roll records that it so carefully paid tribute to.

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