Quarterflash was formed in Portland, OR in 1980. They formed from the ashes of two local bands, and released their first single, "Harden My Heart." The group, then called Seafood Mama, was quickly signed by Geffen Records, due to the strength of the single. The band changed their name to Quarterflash, which refers to a popular Australian slang term, which derives from their description of immigrants as, "one quarter flash, and three parts foolish."

Their debut release, Quarterflash, which was produced by John Boylan, was an undisputed hit record, selling over a million copies and reaching #8 on the Billboard Charts. Their second album, Take Another Picture, was released in 1983, and it hit #34 on the charts. Surprisingly, they would only make one more album with their original line-up, 1985's Back Into The Blue. The group disbanded soon after.

However, in the early '90s, the Rosses reformed Quarterflash with all new musicians, and they just released a new record in June of 2008 called, Goodbye Uncle Buzz. They continue to play occasionally, and they remain one of the most underrated groups of the era.

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