Woodstock Lithograph

Woodstock Lithograph
  • Woodstock Lithograph
This brilliant lithograph is from a Hors d'Commerce Proof (HC) run limited to 30. Carlos Santana supervised the entire printing process adding the wild colors to the black and white image.
Bill Graham was asked to advise the guys putting on Woodstock and as payment for such, Graham demanded that the young performer he managed Carlos Santana be given an opportunity to appear on stage at the show. The image is constructed from 2 different photos Baron took from the stage during that performance - combining the images as Santana's actual placement on the stage as he took the shot of Bill was not the best of angles. The serigraph is signed by Baron Wolman, Carlos Santana and Bill Graham's signature stamp, as Bill had already passed when the serigraph was created.
About Baron Wolman
Settling in Haight-Ashbury in the 60's, Wolman was surrounded by Janis and the Grateful Dead in close-by digs. Wolman was soon accompanying journalist Jann Wenner to the now famous and genre-defining Mills College conference on rock music. Wenner happened to be the founder of Rolling Stone magazine. He liked Wolman's style, offered him a job and Wolman launched as the first official document-er of the new psychedelic age. Beginning with the magazine's opening issue, Wolman's photographs were windows on the parade of the different, the delightful and the doomed, and his pictures became the gold standard by which rock photography would be measured.