Traffic Poster

Traffic Poster
Unusually stark and defiantly readable, BG111 was a collaboration between Kelley and Mouse. The photograph is of the artists and others at Playland in San Francisco. Bill Graham complained that it looked like a wrestling poster, to which Mouse replied, "Exactly."
Print Variations
The 1st printing is on uncoated index that reflects a smooth plain finish. It measures 14" x 21 1/16" and was printed before the concert.
The 2nd printing is on slick glossy stock. It was printed after the concert, and it measures 14" x 21 1/8".
About Stanley Mouse
Born in Detroit, Stanley Miller became known as "Mouse" after illustrating countless notebooks with his signature rodent sketch. Miller found an outlet for his creativity in pin-striping cars and airbrushing hot rod designs on posters and T-shirts. Mouse migrated to San Francisco in 1964, where he first met the artists associated with Family Dog, the organization producing dance concerts at the Avalon Ballroom. With collaborator Alton Kelley, Mouse experimented broadly with composition, lettering and imagery: Kelley came up with the ideas and Mouse executed the designs. Mouse and Kelley helped to establish the psychedelic style of expression under the name Mouse Studios.