Big Brother and the Holding Company Poster
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Our poster collection is the world's best, encompassing vintage and contemporary posters from the 1960s to today. Our vast poster collection features classic bands in rock, blues, jazz, soul, and more. We also have thousands of movie, dance, political, sports and theater posters.

Print Variations

The 1st printing was printed on vellum before the concert. "The Bindweed Press San Francisco" appears in the lower left corner. 1,000 copies were printed, each measuring 8 5/8" x 19 15/16".

The post-concert 2nd printing is 10 1/4" x 23 3/4" on uncoated index. The Bindweed credit is gone, and "(c) Family Dog Productions 1725 Washington Street San Francisco" has been added to the lower left corner.

About Alton Kelley

As a founding member of the Family Dog, Kelley handled promotions for the events at the Avalon Ballroom, drawing posters and handbills. He soon met up with Stanley Mouse, and their association nurtured Kelley's success as an artist. Kelley had a natural talent for collage and a keen eye for culling and combining imagery and styles from diverse sources. Teamed with Mouse's drafting skill, collaborations became increasingly sophisticated, yet irreverent. Kelley always worked by hand, producing posters and other print graphics for a wide array of entertainment-oriented clients.