Top 5: Slide Guitar Performances

  • Track Count 5
  • Total Length 1:05:20
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  1. 1 Don't Keep Me Wonderin' The Allman Brothers Band 03:36
  2. 3 Howlin' Wolf Muddy Waters Blues Band 08:34
  3. 5 Terraplane Blues John Hammond 04:56
  4. 7 Country Hat Climax Blues Band 09:06
  5. 9 Bring It On Home To Me Hot Tuna 06:28
Playlist Description

No playing technique can get to those blue notes quite like slide guitar. Whether fast and squealing or slow and mournful, glass or metal or whatever you can find, slide is one of the most expressive styles of playing, and we've found the five best examples of this uniquely bluesy sound in the Vault.