Jerry Garcia Band - 08.29.87

  • Track Count 25
  • Total Length 5:17:14
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  1. 1 Deep Elem Blues Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 07:19
  2. 3 I've Been All Around This World Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 06:11
  3. 5 Friend Of The Devil Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 07:32
  4. 7 Trouble In Mind Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 05:01
  5. 9 Little Sadie Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 04:24
  6. 11 Diamond Joe Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 04:08
  7. 13 Spike Driver Blues Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 04:59
  8. 15 Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 05:45
  9. 17 Trouble On My Mind Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 04:40
  10. 19 Ripple Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 04:28
  11. 21 How Sweet It Is Jerry Garcia Band 08:13
  12. 23 Forever Young Jerry Garcia Band 07:29
  13. 25 Get Out Of My Life Woman Jerry Garcia Band 06:51
  14. 27 Run For The Roses Jerry Garcia Band 05:49
  15. 29 And It Stoned Me Jerry Garcia Band 06:12
  16. 31 My Sisters And Brothers Jerry Garcia Band 03:56
  17. 33 Deal Jerry Garcia Band 06:54
  18. 35 The Harder They Come Jerry Garcia Band 10:54
  19. 37 I Shall Be Released Jerry Garcia Band 07:41
  20. 39 Think Jerry Garcia Band 06:47
  21. 41 Evangeline Jerry Garcia Band 02:59
  22. 43 Gomorrah Jerry Garcia Band 06:19
  23. 45 Let It Rock Jerry Garcia Band 05:54
  24. 47 That Lucky Old Sun Jerry Garcia Band 08:29
  25. 49 Tangled Up in Blue Jerry Garcia Band 09:43
Playlist Description

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band: Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals John Kahn - bass David Nelson - guitar, vocals Sandy Rothman - mandolin, dobro, banjo, vocals Kenny Kosek - fiddle David Kemper - percussion Jerry Garcia Band: Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals John Kahn - bass Melvin Seals - keyboards David Kemper - drums Jaclyn LaBranch - backing vocals Gloria Jones - backing vocals To escape the ever-increasing pressures surrounding the Grateful Dead and to pursue his own boundless musical interests, Jerry Garcia maintained side projects that allowed him to explore music outside the context of the Dead. One of the most rewarding was the Jerry Garcia Band, which often toured during times the Dead were off the road. In 1987, Garcia also put together the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, featuring old friends from his pre-Dead bluegrass days. The debut of the acoustic band and one of the most memorable 1987 performances by the Garcia Band proper occurred when Bill Graham, in collaboration with the Hog Farm, presented this memorable concert at French's Camp, a beautiful outdoor location situated on the Eel River. Few JGB recordings from this era circulate from soundboard direct sources and even fewer still were recorded with such clarity and balance between the instruments, making this recording a very engaging listen.