Top 10: Record Plant Sets

  • Track Count 10
  • Total Length 2:04:26
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  1. 1 Too Many People Cold Blood 05:47
  2. 3 Sloppy Drunk David Bromberg 07:37
  3. 5 Travelin' Shoes Elvin Bishop 11:25
  4. 7 Rumble Link Wray 03:08
  5. 9 What Do You Want From Life The Tubes 05:30
  6. 11 Spare Me A Little Of Your Love Fleetwood Mac 04:04
  7. 13 Tattler Ry Cooder 03:59
  8. 15 Political Science (Let's Drop The Big One) Randy Newman 02:26
  9. 17 A Pirate Looks At Forty Jimmy Buffett 05:13
  10. 19 Green Grass And High Tides Outlaws 13:04
Playlist Description

Late in 1972, Chris Stone opened his third Record Plant studio, this one in Sausalito, CA (the first two being in NY and LA). Stone and Tom Donahue, general manager of the legendary progressive rock radio station KSAN, saw an opportunity that would serve both of them well: stage a series of live radio shows featuring bands recorded at The Record Plant in front of a small studio audience, and broadcast on KSAN. Thus was born “Live at the Record Plant,” a series that ran for several years. While our Record Plant Catalog contains recordings for the radio broadcast that were held at outside venues (Santana, ELO, Little Feat and others), this mix showcases some of our favorite songs recorded at the studio itself. While some of the energy you can only get from a sweaty, wild-eyed crowd may be missing here, the concerts make up for it with exceptional audio quality, a relaxed vibe, and unique opportunities for audience interaction. When Stone sold the Record Plant studios he retained ownership of the tapes. Wolfgang’s Vault acquired them in 2007, and the majority of the recordings in this catalog available for download as well as for free streaming.