Holiday Mix (Crawdaddy!)

  • Track Count 19
  • Total Length 2:39:50
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  1. 1 Amazing Grace Joan Baez 02:52
  2. 3 White Winter Hymnal Fleet Foxes 02:31
  3. 5 Snowblind Black Sabbath 06:11
  4. 7 Christmas In Prison John Prine 03:18
  5. 9 Bleeding Bells Delta Spirit 03:48
  6. 11 Gospel The National 04:17
  7. 13 The Trumpets Blared The Teeth 03:11
  8. 15 Cold White Christmas Casiotone For The Painfully Alone 04:44
  9. 17 We're A Happy Family The Ramones 02:14
  10. 19 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Bruce Springsteen 04:12
  11. 21 The King Will Come Wishbone Ash 06:53
  12. 23 Old Familiar Scene Elf Power 03:53
  13. 25 Jesus Is Just Alright The Byrds 03:01
  14. 27 Sweet Little Angel B.B. King 04:56
  15. 29 Hail Mary Shearwater 06:33
  16. 31 Earth Angel Tiny Tim 03:41
  17. 33 Street Choir Van Morrison 05:21
  18. 35 Here Comes Trouble Evangelicals 04:52
  19. 37 Jingle Bells Jerry Garcia Band 03:27
Playlist Description

Welcome to Crawdaddy!’s HoHoHo Holiday Mix. While there are a few traditional Christmas tunes included for all you purists out there, we thought we’d take things in a different, perhaps even unexpected, direction. You may notice that some of these songs might not exactly be a Christmas tune, or even particularly joyous or uplifting. Yet, each song has a little something Christmas-y about it, be it words in the title like “bells” (although they’re bleeding) and “snow” (although “Snowblind” is a metaphor about cocaine)… or, hey, maybe it’s just Tiny Tim singing “Earth Angel.” Whatever it is, our aim is for you to have a little fun in figuring out how on God’s good earth these tunes work together for this very special holiday playlist. You might even want to think of it as a conundrum not unlike the Immaculate Conception. Have a little faith. Word on the hill is that this may even be the strangest Christmas mix around.