Artists & Songs of 'Blow'

  • Track Count 11
  • Total Length 1:05:51
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  1. 1 Can't You See The Marshall Tucker Band 06:39
  2. 2 Rumble Link Wray 03:16
  3. 3 Blinded by the Light Manfred Mann's Earth Band 07:46
  4. 4 Buzz Buzz Buzz Los Lobos 02:44
  5. 5 It Ain't Me Babe Bob Dylan & The Band 03:29
  6. 6 Pretty Boy Floyd The Byrds 02:31
  7. 7 Sticky Stuff Booker T. & the MG's 04:49
  8. 8 Spoonful Cream 16:45
  9. 9 Don't Ask Me No Questions Lynyrd Skynyrd 03:53
  10. 11 Pebble To A Pearl Nikka Costa 04:52
  11. 12 Tumbling Dice The Rolling Stones 05:24
Playlist Description

This playlist is inspired by the Ted Demme cocaine trafficking biopic 'Blow'. Some creative license has been taken, like in the case of "Spoonful" by Cream. While the song did not appear on the soundtrack, the band did, and I feel like "Spoonful" is a legitimate substitute for "Strange Brew" given the context of the material. Likewise, Nikka Costa's "Pebble To A Pearl" didn't come out til seven years after 'Blow' was released, but the soul of the tune and her advice to "Don't be afraid to live out loud" would've been right at home on George Jung's eight-track deck.