Top 10: Chuck Berry Covers

  • Track Count 10
  • Total Length 41:40
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  1. 1 Maybellene Chris Smither 02:45
  2. 2 Sweet Little Sixteen Jerry Lee Lewis 03:00
  3. 3 Let It Rock (featuring Keith Richards) Dave Edmunds & Rockpile 04:47
  4. 4 Johnny B. Goode Johnny Winter 03:49
  5. 5 Carol Ted Nugent 03:59
  6. 6 Around And Around .38 Special 03:54
  7. 7 The Promised Land James Taylor 05:03
  8. 8 Rock And Roll Music The Beach Boys 02:32
  9. 9 Roll Over Beethoven Electric Light Orchestra 06:15
  10. 10 No Particular Place To Go George Thorogood & The Destroyers 05:36
Playlist Description

With his chunky blues-based guitar riffs, outrageous solos, and flamboyant showmanship, Chuck Berry played a huge part in shaping the rock and roll archetypes for songwriting and performance. That may help to explain why you’ll often find a Berry tune or two in a band’s repertoire, even if they’re not they type to duckwalk across the stage. In this collection of Chuck Berry Covers you can hear Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Winter, Rockpile (with Keith Richards sitting in), the Beach Boys, ELO, James Taylor and more paying tribute to one of the founding fathers of rock -- no matter whose hands they're in, these tunes will make you want to dance and holler all over the floor.