Top 10: Greatest Bass Players in the Vault

  • Track Count 9
  • Total Length 59:06
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  1. 1 Roundabout Yes 09:26
  2. 2 I Believe In You Graham Central Station 05:54
  3. 3 Politician Jack Bruce 05:13
  4. 4 Birdland Weather Report 08:13
  5. 5 Dancing In The Streets Joan Baez 05:10
  6. 6 Victor's Solo Bela Fleck & The Flecktones 06:09
  7. 7 Things We Said Today Paul McCartney 05:07
  8. 8 La Villa Strangiato Rush 09:10
  9. 9 Stone Cold Bush Red Hot Chili Peppers 04:44
Playlist Description

Once the domain of the guy in the band that wasn't coordinated enough to play either whole chords or a whole drum kit, the electric bass has taken its rightful place of honor as the foundation of better styles of music everywhere. The instrument assumed this role thanks in no small part to the efforts of the esteemed musicians that make up this, our list of the 10 Greatest Bass Players in the Vault. 1. Yes / Roundabout - We start where a lot of great bass players have started: Chris Squire's galloping line and gritty Rickenbacker tone in this song are the inspiration for many beginners. 2. The Who / The Real Me - The inscrutable John Entwistle let his furious bass lines do the talking. 3. Graham Central Station / I Believe In You - Perhaps the only player in this list to develop a completely new technique of playing, Larry Graham is the man you can thank for all the slapping and popping that funk up your favorite records. 4. Jack Bruce / Politician - Another bassist that had his work cut out for him in a band of big players, this Scotsman held his own in Cream. 5. Weather Report / Birdland - The name Jaco Pastorius is synonymous with incredible bass playing. 6. Joan Baez / Dancing in the Street - She may seem a little out of place, but Joan's bass player for this show was Motown's James Jamerson, the king and a hero to every other player on this list. 7. Bela Fleck & the Flecktones / Victor's Solo - Larry Graham invented slapping, but Victor Wooten made it an Olympic-level event. 8. Paul McCartney / Things We Said Today - Definitely from the Jamerson school of serving the song, Paul counts bass playing as only one of many talents. 9. Rush / La Villa Strangiato - The most decorated of bassists, Geddy Lee tops almost every all-time list. 10. Red Hot Chili Peppers / Stone Cold Bush - Somehow by being totally outrageous, Flea brought funk bass to the masses.