Labor Day

  • Track Count 10
  • Total Length 49:52
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  1. 1 Jungleland Bruce Springsteen 10:24
  2. 2 The Jungle B.B. King 03:16
  3. 3 No More / Same Old Song And Dance Aerosmith 09:14
  4. 4 Seconds U2 03:05
  5. 5 Fire Jimi Hendrix Experience 04:55
  6. 6 It's A Man's World MC5 05:51
  7. 7 Believer Ozzy Osbourne 05:38
  8. 8 Brass In Pocket The Pretenders 02:55
  9. 9 A Well Respected Man The Kinks 02:12
  10. 10 So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star Elvis Costello & the Attractions 02:22
Playlist Description

Millions of us are working, some even holding down two jobs - a good time to ponder the hardest working showfolk in rock and roll. Here's an offering: 1. Bruce Springsteen - if you've ever seen him live, enough said. 2. B.B. King - touring well into his 80's, having bought his own first guitar at age 12. 3. Aerosmith - Steven Tyler still dancing wildly in his 60s, after over 40 years of records and tours. 4. The Rolling Stones - unsubstantiated rumors of Charlie Watts leaving the band with which he has played for 44 years makes you wonder... what would it take for you to leave a job you've had for 44 years. But here's to many more. 5. U2 - man these lads are EVERYWHERE. 6. Jimi Hendrix - had a career cut short by his untimely death, but documents in Wolfgangsvault show a man who managed by age 27 to have served in the Army, and created a career legacy worldwide that has only grown in the decades since his passing. In the short years between the service and his death, he played every single day, often performing twice in a day. 7. MC5 - they played the DNC in '68 for hours amid the chaos, and continued stirring things up in various incarnations until as recently as the '08 DNC when Wayne Kramer joined Rage Against The Machine to "Kick Out The Jams," amid releasing a new record, scoring a documentary and guest performing on a number of albums. 8. Ozzy Osbourne - Sabbath since 1968, solo, Ozzfest, television... on and on. 9. The Who - formed in 1964, think of the discography alone. Then add in rock operas, published authors, film. 10. The Pretenders - simply put, there's no stopping Chrissie Hynde. 11. The Kinks - check out Wolfgang's Vault's Kinks shows for a real understanding of the legacy of this great band since 1963. 12. Elvis Costello - welcome to the working week! Whatever you do for work, here's to you this Labor Day.